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Connecting with Intention

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Connecting with your ideal client…this is a challenge that many entrepreneurs face. However, this is something important to business success and something we must do intentionally for best results. First and foremost, you have to identify who your actual ideal client is, but once you have taken the time to decide who it is that you wish to serve and work with, you have to do the work to stay connected to that person. You have to take the time to nurture that connection and build that relationship. Trust me…I know this isn’t always easy. I will be the first to admit that I’m far from perfect in this area!

Know, Like and Trust?

We have all heard that people will do business with people that they know, like and trust, but what does that mean? Simply put, it means constantly being in the forefront of your prospect’s mind because they see you frequently. You’re out there sharing information on your website, social media platforms, speaking engagements, networking, etc. and they are starting to see you as the authority in your field, which builds trust.

Touch Points

Create constant touch points through all your social media platforms, blog posts and emails. Your blog posts and emails should always include links to your social media, and your social media posts should always link back to your blog posts, emails and website.

Write your blog posts or emails at least once per week, and post on social media at least daily. It’s even better if you can post on social media multiple times per day and create a welcoming environment where people can post questions and have discussion with you and your followers. Consistently providing insight in your area of expertise will encourage people to listen to you, follow you and learn from you, which will make their decision to work with you the most logical choice.


Also be creative with your content. Video goes a long way! Again, I’m far from perfect with posting videos, but whenever I do I notice that video post on social media have far more reach that a photo or plain text. If you like to be creative infographics with snippets of information about your business or business tips are great to pique curiosity. And of course, testimonials show your audience that you have a service, product or skill that will help them.

Showcase Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

You’ve spent so much time learning and growing in your field. Why not bring some of that value to your audience through an evergreen online course. This is a fantastic way to reach many people looking to experience your product, service or solution possibly before they even connect with you personally. It gives them an opportunity to evaluate your work and decide if you are the right fit for them. It’s also a way to nurture prospects, build trust and demonstrate credibility.

Speaking of online courses, my online course, Launch! Six Weeks to Freedom!! Will be released November 1st, YAY!!! I have created this course for both the side hustler looking to launch and make their business idea a reality, and the seasoned business owner looking to go back to the drawing board by getting back to the basics of their business. The course is ultimately designed develop and grow your business so that you can get clients and generate the revenue you desire. Sign up here to be the first to hear when registration opens.

Being intentional with any business strategy will attribute to your overall success. Being intentional with who you wish to work with and serve is one of the first and most important steps. If you don’t connect with that ideal client you won’t have that ideal business!

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